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Best Email Practices Small Business

Did you miss the presentation for the Camillus Chamber of Commerce on best email practices small business?  I have included a few videos covering the key ideas (powerpoint) as well as how the email autoresponder software works.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.   Scroll down a bit for the live presentation if you want to be able to hear the questions that were asked of your local businesses owners that may be similar to ones you may have as well.

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

You can register for the Send Shark email marketing software at

Send Shark Member Area and Training

This was a video I recorded a few months before the presentation and provides an overview of what is inside the members area of the Send Shark email autoresponder software.

In the following video I go through setting up an example campaign to show the capabilities of what you can do with this tool to help improve customer engagement and retention.

Send Shark Email Autoresponder campaign creation and email follow-ups

Here is a closer look at the Send Shark email autoresponder service with a demonstration on how to set up a campaign and follow up series as well as comparing the single opt in and double opt in processes.

Print Advertising and Why You Need A Website

If you are spending your hard earned business dollars in print advertising you need to also be sure to collect lead contact information on your website to provide continuous offers, specials or training and keep your customers coming back for more.

Camillus chamber of commerce Presentation on Best email Practices small business

On June 28, 2018 I had the pleasure of presenting to the Camillus Chamber of Commerce on Best email practices for small businesses.

This is the full recording of that presentation where I go over some key details on the importance of email in business as well as a demonstration of how the Send Shark email autoresponder service works.

To test out how the Send Shark software works as well as get updates, training and be in the know of what is going on with Camillus Businesses here:

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