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Email Marketing focuses on helping small businesses connect with customers in the Camillus and greater Syracuse, NY area.  While many of the strategies and training shared can be used globally by businesses, they can provide live face to face meetings in the same town than owner Dave Gardner grew up in.

Whether it is providing recommendations on website improvements for lead generation or social media engagement, CamillusAds and Dave Gardner will continue to provide up to date suggestions and solutions to many of the problems faced by small businesses in a changing technological world.

While many of the standard print advertising platforms like the newspaper or yellow book have seemingly become a thing of the past, taking your advertising and marketing online is a must in the 21st century and having your website correctly aligned to capture customer contact through email automation software (email autoresponder) is a crucial necessity in running your business.

From getting set up with the appropriate software to consultations on appropriate email follow up series, Dave Gardner will help guide your business on the right path towards customer retention and increased LCV, or Lifetime Customer Value.  As leads are the lifeblood of your business, keeping them interested as well as coming back for more is a major focus on the email marketing campaigns that will be created with our help.

Send Shark Email Autoresponder highly recommends and uses the Send Shark and GVO Family of email autoresponder tools and has been to run his websites since 2009.  If you look at the right side of this blog you will see a place to be able to opt in and join our mailing list and be kept up to date with local events and or offers that are taking place in the local community.

An email autoresponder allows businesses to collect contact information and instantly connect with them and provide them training/reports/specials and more as well as provide automatic follow up messages and live broadcasts to continue to educate them or provide other offer options as well.

The Send Shark email Autoresponder software can be seen at

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